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Welcome to the American Fishing Tour


Adam Wagner Wins on Center Hill
Athens, Al -- Adam Wagner  the 2013 Ray Scott Champion from Cookeville, Tennessee won the American Bass Anglers Open Series Tennessee Central tournament held February 24, 2018 at Center Hill.  Running out of Edgar Evins State Park in Silver Point, Tennessee.  Adam caught five bass tournament limit weighing 23.26 pounds with an 8.01-pound kicker.  For his effort he took home $5000 for his win plus $670 big bass honors. 
“I had one specific spot, I was lucky to get to it because it is a community hole.  I threw a jig for 20 minutes without a bite.  I would get a little peck here and there.  I went through everything I had on the deck except for one bait and it was a DT6.  I picked it up and I got the school fired up and absolutely blistered them for an hour.  I caught everything making the exact same cast.” stated Wagner.
Second place for the boaters was Matt Stanley of Alexandria, Tennessee.  He landed five fish weighing in at 21.19 pounds and took home $1,250 for his catch.  “I caught 75 fish at least.  Had 11 keeper smallmouth, 12 largemouth, and the rest were spotted bass.  I caught them on spinnerbait, crankbait, and a jig.” said Stanley.
Jason Dies of Lebanon, Tennessee took third place with a five-fish limit that weighed 20.63 pounds.  His bag included a nice 4.64-pound smallmouth bass.  Dies took home a check for $900 for his fish.  “I caught all my fish flipping a submerged island right off the river channel with a jig. Went back there about 1 o’clock and caught my two-big fish and culled up. I had a pretty good day.” said Dies.
In fourth place for the boaters, Jason Locke from Woodbury, Tennessee weighed in five bass for 19.47 pounds including a 4.81 pounder.  Rounding out the top five was Barry Johnson from Walling, Tennessee with 18.23 pounds.
Top 20 Boaters
Place Name/Profile Fish Big Bass Total Points
Adam M. Wagner 5 8.01 23.26 250
2 Matt R. Stanley 5 0.00 21.19 249
3 Jason Dies 5 4.64 20.63 248
4 Jason S. Locke 5 4.81 19.47 247
5 Barry L. Johnson 5 0.00 18.23 246
6 Chris R. Tramel 5 0.00 17.99 245
7 Charlie Caplinger 5 3.94 17.04 244
8 Jayson A. Johnson 5 5.00 16.79 243
9 Matthew C. Bouldin 5 0.00 16.68 242
10 Tony Eckler 5 5.84 16.00 241
11 Christopher Wooten 5 0.00 15.67 240
12 Tim C. Messer 5 0.00 15.20 239
13 Josh B. Tramel 5 0.00 15.02 238
14 Anthony W. Nash 5 0.00 14.81 237
15 Steve E. Caudell 5 4.06 14.01 236
16 Shane Thompson 5 0.00 13.75 235
17 Terry Steele 5 0.00 13.41 234
18 Tim Staley 5 0.00 13.14 233
19 Brandon C. Edel 5 0.00 13.02 232
20 Daniel D. Johnson 5 0.00 12.74 231
In the Co-Angler division, Craig Allen from Kingston Springs, Tennessee took the win with a three-fish tournament limit that weighed 9.02 pounds.  Allen also had the biggest fish among the co-anglers which was a 3.73-pound bass.  He earned $900 for the win along with the Big Bass award of $135.  “I had a limit by 8 o’clock and decided I was going to change what I was doing and up-size.  I culled two fish and I caught the good smallmouth.  Only caught five keepers today but I had a good day.” said Allen.
Taking second for the co-anglers was Kenny Anderson from Sparta, Tennessee.  Anderson brought three bass to the stage that weighed 8.87 pounds.  His three-fish earned him a check for $400.  “I didn’t lose a fish so that was a good thing.  Got them all in the boat so it was just one of those days.  Needed that big bite but didn’t get it.” said Anderson.
Ryan Harpe from Cookeville, Tennessee came in third with three bass weighing 6.99 pounds.  “We had a pretty good morning this morning.  Starting right off the bat, we caught all our fish.  We had everything that we had by about 9:30. Caught my biggest fish on a jig and the other two came on a rattletrap.” said Harpe.
In fourth place among the co-anglers, Randy Griffin of Murfreesboro, Tennessee weighed in three bass that weighed 6.98 pounds.  Rounding out the top five was Herbert Hall of Harrison, Tennessee who had a three-fish bag weighing 5.78 pounds.
Top 10 Co-Anglers
Place Name/Profile Fish Big Bass Total Points
Craig Allen 3 3.73 9.02 250
2 Kenny Anderson 3 0.00 8.87 249
3 Ryan Harpe 3 0.00 6.99 248
4 Randy Griffin 3 3.31 6.98 247
5 Herbert Hall 3 0.00 5.78 246
6 Justin M. Clark 2 0.00 5.23 245
7 Roy Yother 2 0.00 5.02 244
8 Greg Whittaker 3 0.00 4.84 243
9 Ethan T. Wheeler 3 0.00 4.51 242
10 Jake J. Short 3 0.00 4.46 241
The next Tennessee Central tournament is slated for March 24, 2018 on Percy Priest going out of Fate Sanders Marina in Smyrna, Tennessee.
About American Bass Anglers: American Bass Anglers is committed to providing low cost, close to home tournaments for the weekend angler and at the same time offer each competitor an upward path for individual angler progression. For more information about American Bass Anglers, the Open Series, the American Fishing Tour or the American Couples Series, visit www.americanbassanglers.com.
American Bass Anglers Inc. is supported by Triton Boats, Mercury Outboards, Geico, Berkley, ABU Garcia, T-H Marine, Livingston Lures, Maui Jim, Garmin, Optima Batteries and Sirius XM Marine weather. American Bass Anglers can be contacted at (256) 232-0406 or by visiting americanbassanglers.com



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American Fishing Tour Upcoming Events

2018 Upcoming Schedule

Louisiana - Toledo Bend South 3/24/2018 Toledo Bend
Virginia 3/24/2018 Chickahominy River
Georgia Central 3/24/2018 Sinclair
Georgia - Eufaula 3/24/2018 Lake Eufaula
Texas - Wichita Falls 3/24/2018 Ray Roberts
Missouri 3/24/2018 Lake Ozark
Kentucky Central 3/24/2018 Kentucky Lake
Florida Harris Chain 3/24/2018 Harris Chain
Oklahoma East 3/24/2018 Fort Gibson
Alabama East Central 3/24/2018 Neely Henry
Louisiana - Toledo Bend South 3/25/2018 Toledo Bend
North Carolina East 3/25/2018 Neuse/Trent River
South Carolina Northwest 3/25/2018 Clarks Hill
Tennessee Central 3/25/2018 Old Hickory
DFW - Texas 3/25/2018 Ray Roberts
North Carolina Piedmont 3/31/2018 Gaston
North Carolina Charlotte 3/31/2018 Lake Norman
New Mexico 3/31/2018 Elephant Butte
North Carolina Central 3/31/2018 Roanoke
Virginia - Western 3/31/2018 Kerr Lake
Alabama Central 3/31/2018 Alabama River
Alabama Northwest 3/31/2018 Wheeler Lake (Open Event)
Texas - Sam Rayburn North 3/31/2018 Sam Rayburn
Southeast North Carolina 3/31/2018 Northeast Cape Fear River
Tennessee - West 3/31/2018 Kentucky Lake
Kansas - Big Hill 3/31/2018 Big Hill
Louisiana Central 3/31/2018 Bisteneau
Alabama North 3/31/2018 Guntersville
New Mexico 4/01/2018 Elephant Butte
South Carolina - Savannah River 4/07/2018 Savannah River
Virginia 4/07/2018 Kerr
New Jersey 4/07/2018 Hopatcong
North Central Louisiana 4/07/2018 D'Arbonne
Georgia North 4/07/2018 Allatoona
Arkansas 4/07/2018 Maumelle
Georgia - Blackshear 4/07/2018 Blackshear
DFW - Texas 4/07/2018 Bridgeport
Missouri 4/07/2018 Lake Ozark
Tennessee - West 4/07/2018 Kentucky Lake
Florida - West 4/07/2018 Toho
Florida Harris Chain 4/07/2018 Harris Chain
Oklahoma 4/07/2018 Grand Lake
Pennsylvania 4/07/2018 Delaware River
South Carolina - Greenwood 4/08/2018 Greenwood
Tennessee Central 4/08/2018 Old Hickory
Florida - Seminole 4/08/2018 Seminole
Texas - Sam Rayburn North 4/08/2018 Sam Rayburn
Kansas South 4/08/2018 El Dorado
KY Lake 4/08/2018 Kentucky Lake
Florida - Toho 4/08/2018 Toho
Massachusetts - Western 4/08/2018 Wickaboag Pond
Massachusetts - New England 4/08/2018 South Watuppa-Fall River
New Jersey 4/13/2018 Hopatcong
Louisiana - Toledo Bend South 4/14/2018 Toledo Bend
North Carolina East 4/14/2018 Tar/Pamlico River
Mississippi Gulf Coast 4/14/2018 Back Bay
North Carolina Charlotte 4/14/2018 Tuckertown Lake
Georiga Central 4/14/2018 Oconee
Alabama - Mobile 4/14/2018 Tensaw
Georgia East 4/14/2018 Clarks Hill
Florida - Istokpoga South 4/14/2018 Lake Istokpoga
North Carolina Central 4/14/2018 Lake Gaston
Texas - Wichita Falls 4/14/2018 Hubbard Creek
Texas - Central 4/14/2018 Lake Waco
Maryland 4/14/2018 Potomac
Alabama Lay Lake - Logan Martin 4/14/2018 Logan Martin
Ohio-Central 4/14/2018 Buckeye Lake
Oklahoma East 4/14/2018 Lake Hudson
Georgia - Westpoint 4/14/2018 West Point
Alabama East Central 4/14/2018 Weiss Lake
North Carolina Charlotte 4/15/2018 Badin Lake
Florida - St Johns North 4/15/2018 Santa Fe
Illinois North 4/15/2018 Braidwood
Alabama West 4/15/2018 Bankhead
Massachusetts - Western 4/15/2018 Longpond

Plus Team Tour 2018 Schedule


Dates Lake/Info Register
5/20/2018 Wheeler
7/01/2018 Weiss


3/11/2018 (Being Recheduled) Kentucky  
4/22/2018 Kentucky
5/13/2018 Old Hickory
9/23/2018 Kentucky





American Couples Series Winter/Spring Events

South Carolina 4/7/2018 Lake Keowee South Cove
Alabama North 4/7/2018 Guntersville Goosepond
Kentucky 4/8/2018 Kentucky Lake Big Bear
Tennessee Northeast 4/14/2018 Watts Bar Blue Springs
Florida Northwest 4/14/2018 Seminole (UPDATED) Seminole Lodge
North Carolina 4/15/2018 Lake James Black Bear Landing
Georgia 4/21/2018 Lanier Balus Creek Park
Alabama Central 4/21/2018 Alabama River Swift Creek
Oklahoma 4/21/2018 Tenkiller Sizemore Landing
Tennessee Northeast 4/28/2018 Melton Hill Melton Hill Dam
South Carolina 4/28/2018 Lake Hartwell Greenpond
Kentucky 4/29/2018 Lake Barkley Kuttawa
Florida Northwest 5/12/2018 Choctawhatchee River Black Creek Lodge
Alabama North 5/12/2018 Guntersville Goosepond
Oklahoma 5/12/2018 Grand Grand Lake RV Ramp
Georgia 5/19/2018 West Point Highland Marina
Tennessee Northeast 5/19/2018 Douglas Dam
South Carolina 5/19/2018 Lake Russell Russell B Richard State Park
Alabama Central 5/19/2018 Lay Lake Narrows Boat Ramp
Kentucky 5/20/2018 Kentucky Lake Ken Lake State Park
North Carolina 5/20/2018 TBA TBA


Open Series 2018 Upcoming Events

North Carolina 3/24/2018 Hickory Wittenburg
Florida South 3/24/2018 Okeechobee Scott Driver
East Texas 3/24/2018 Lake Palestine Villages Marina
Tennesee Central 3/24/2018 Percy Priest Fate Sanders
Maryland 3/31/2018 Potomac Smallwood
Virginia 4/14/2018 Gaston Holly Grove Marina
Maryland 4/14/2018 Chesapeake Bay Anchor Boats Marina
Mississippi 4/14/2018 Ross Barnett Tommys Trading Post
Kentucky 4/14/2018 Kentucky Lake Paris Landing State Park
South Carolina 4/21/2018 Hartwell Green Pond
Alabama South 4/21/2018 Martin Wind Creek State Park
Oklahoma 4/21/2018 Eufaula South Cove
North Carolina 4/28/2018 Kerr Nutbush
Georgia 4/28/2018 Sinclair Little River Park
South East Texas 4/28/2018 Sam Rayburn Umphrey Pavilion
Alabama North 4/28/2018 Neely Henry Coosa Landing
Florida Central 5/05/2018 Toho Lakefront Park
Mississippi 5/05/2018 Ross Barnett Tommys Trading Post
Tennesee Central 5/05/2018 Old Hickory Sanders Ferry
Ohio 5/12/2018 Indian Moundwood State Park
Maryland 5/12/2018 Potomac Smallwood
Florida South 5/12/2018 Okeechobee Roland Martin Marina & Resort
Oklahoma 5/12/2018 Grand Lake Wolf Creek
North Carolina 5/19/2018 High Rock Tamarac Marina
Alabama South 5/19/2018 Jordan Bonners Landing
South Texas 5/19/2018 Lake Conroe Lakeview Marina