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Military Bass Anglers
Welcome to the American Fishing Tour


2018 Ram 100% Plus Team Tour Registration Open

September 11, 2017, Athens, AL - The 2018 Ram 100% Plus Team Tour Package Registration is now Open. The Ram 100% Plus Team Tour provides team tournament competition that includes a Triton/Mercury boat package for first place at each divisional event. The year-end championship will offer two (2) Triton/Mercury boat package to the winning team and a combined payout of up to $80,000 in cash, prizes and bonuses based on a full field. 

Registration for the 2018 season: September 11-15, 2017 starting 8 am

-    Ram Truck Owners
        (Package Special Plus Special Incentive)
-    Triton Boat Owners
        (Package Special Plus Special Incentive)
-    All Package Registrations
        (Special Incentives)

(Teams must call in registration to receive special incentive packages September 11-15, 2017)

Sign up for a package (includes all events) - Alabama

Sign up for a package (includes all events) - TN/KY

September 18, 2017 – December 1

-    All Entries (Special Incentives)

The 2018 season will offer two divisions, each holding four one-day Sunday divisional events. One located in Northern Alabama and the other in the Kentucky Lake/Central Tennessee area. Teams who fish three divisional events in one division will be invited to the two-day championship.

North Alabama Division 
2/11/2018 - Guntersville - Goosepond
(Scottsboro, AL)
3/4/2018 - Neely Henry - Coosa Landing
(Gadsden, AL)
5/20/2018 - Wheeler - Ingalls Harbor
(Decatur, AL)
7/1/2018 - Weiss - Leesburg Landing
(Leesburg, AL)

Tennessee/Kentucky Division
2/18/2018 - Kentucky - Paris Landing State Park
(Paris, TN)
4/22/2018 - Kentucky - Paris Landing State Park  
(Paris, TN)
5/13/2018 - Old
Hickor - Sanders Ferry
(Hendersonville, AL)
9/23/2018 - Kentucky - Paris Landing State Park
(Paris, TN)

Team Championship 
11/3-4/2018    - Pickwick Lake - McFarland Park
(Florence, AL)

Divisional team winners will receive a Triton/Mercury boat packages loaded with sponsor products from companies like Garmin, T-H Marine, Carlisle Tire and Wheel, and MotorGuide and the top 20% of the field will receive a check.

The Championship winners will receive two (2) Triton/Mercury boat packages loaded with sponsor products. Based on a full field there will be up to $80,000 in total payout including cash, prizes, and bonuses.

The Ram 100% Plus Team Tour is part of the Triton Gold program offering anglers who own a Triton Boat up to $7,000 in contingency payout at each event.

There are contingency programs that offer rewards for each of these events, here are ABA Sponsor programs: Triton Gold, Mercury Marine, MotorGuide, T-H Marine Atlas Rewards, Power Pole Captain's Cash, Abu Garcia Revo Big Bass Bonus.

What is the 100% Plus Team Tour

The 100% Plus Team Tour is for bass anglers who want a shot at larger payouts in a Team format. The tour offers two divisions, one in North Alabama and in Central Tennessee up to Kentucky Lake. Each division offers 4 qualifying events each offering more than 100% plus payback. First place at all events is a 2018 Triton 17TX with a Mercury four stroke 60hp outboard. The retail value fully rigged is estimated at $20,000. 

In 2018, the Alabama North Division will fish 4 different lakes. Guntersville, Neely Henry, Wheeler Lake and Wiess Lake. The Tennessee division will fish 2 different lakes Kentucky and Old Hickory Lakes. 

At the end of the season, in the fall of 2018, the two divisions will send their best team to Pickwick Lake where the teams will fish for cash and awards. The Championship team will be award two Triton 17TX Boats with a Mercury four stroke 60hp outboards. The retail value fully rigged is estimated at $40,000. 

•    No other trail offers bigger payouts for a $250 entry fee for the pure weekend bass angler.
•    100% Plus Payout
•    There are no late fees
•    Register through Wednesday prior to the event
•    Pay a deposit ($500) the season and pay each event balance ($150) by Wednesday the week of each event. 
•    Draw Prizes at all Team Tour registration meetings
•    ABA Polygraphs all Team Tour Events
•    No Pros are allowed (Bass Elite or FLW Tour anglers allowed)
•    No Off-limits (except the team championship)
•    Team Meeting Exemption Pass (EZ Pass) available for the 2018 season ($50)
•    You can get your entire season entry fees paid for through the ABA Alliance Program
•    Contingency programs available through Triton, Mercury, MotorGuide, T-H Marine, Garmin, Power Pole and others. 
•    The top 20% at all events get a check. Example 200 boats – 40 places, 250 boats – 50 places

Advantages for registering early: 

•    Package registrations will receive special incentives September 11-15, 2017
•    Teams registering prior to December 1, 
2017, may pay a $500 deposit to secure your slot for all events of the season. Each event balance ($150) is to be paid by Wednesday the week of the event online or by phone. (This is considered a package registration)
•    Teams may register and pay in full $1,250 for the season through Wednesday prior to the first event (This is considered a package registration). 
•    All package registrations receive personalized event results and points updates after each event. 
•    Special Draw Prizes at Team Tour registration meetings for Package Registered Teams

Package Registration: A package registration is when a team registers for all events for a season within a division. 

About American Bass Anglers: 
American Bass Anglers is committed to providing low cost, close to home tournaments for the weekend angler and at the same time offer each competitor an upward path for individual angler progression. For more information about American Bass Anglers, the Ram Truck Open Series, the Ram Truck American Fishing Tour, the American Couples Series, Military Team Bass Tournament and the Ram Truck 100% Plus Team Tour. To learn more about ABA visit www.americanbassanglers.com or call (256) 232-0406.

American Bass Anglers, Inc. is supported by Ram Trucks, Triton Boats, Mercury Marine, Carlstar, T-H Marine, Abu Garcia, Berkley, Hydrowave, Livingston Lures, Best Western Hotels, Simms, SiriusXM® Radio, SiriusXM® Marine Weather, Garmin, Maui Jim, LiT Coolers, Power Pole, GEICO, and DivideIT.

Website: www.teamtrail.com

Follow the team trail on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ABATeamTrail/



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American Fishing Tour Upcoming Events

2018 Season Fall Schedule

Alabama North 9/23/2017 Guntersville
Missouri - Stockton 9/23/2017 Stockton
Pennsylvania 9/23/2017 Delaware River
Texas - Wichita Falls 9/23/2017 Bridgeport
DFW - Texas 9/24/2017 Bridgeport
Massachusetts - Western 9/24/2017 Congamond
South Carolina Northwest 9/24/2017 Clarks Hill
Alabama Lay Lake - Logan Martin 9/30/2017 Lay Lake
Louisiana - Toledo Bend South 9/30/2017 Toledo Bend
Tennessee West 9/30/2017 Kentucky Lake
Virginia 9/30/2017 Chickahominy River
Virginia - Western 9/30/2017 Kerr Lake
Alabama East Central 9/30/2017 Weiss
Georgia - West Point 9/30/2017 West Point
South Carolina - Greenwood 10/01/2017 Clarks Hill
Massachusetts - Western 10/01/2017 Stockbridge Bowl
North Carolina Piedmont 10/07/2017 Falls
DFW - Texas 10/07/2017 Grapevine
New Jersey 10/07/2017 Greenwood
North Carolina Central 10/07/2017 Roanoke River
Georgia - Eufaula 10/07/2017 Lake Eufaula
Pennsylvania 10/07/2017 Delaware River
North Carolina East 10/07/2017 NE Cape Fear (Open)
Georgia North 10/07/2017 Allatoona
Massachusetts - New England 10/08/2017 Whitehall Reservoir
Massachusetts - New England 10/08/2017 Wequaquet Lake
Texas - Wichita Falls 10/08/2017 Hubbard Creek
Mississippi Gulf Coast 10/14/2017 Pascagoula
Mississippi - Ross Barnett 10/14/2017 Ross Barnett
Georgia East 10/15/2017 Clarks Hill
Alabama West 10/15/2017 Bankhead

Ram Truck Open Series Upcoming Events

2017 National Championship


Area 5 Championship   Okeechobee (Rescheduled)
Area 3 Championship 9/23/2017 Eufaula
Area 6 Championship 9/23/2017 Toledo Bend
Area 2 Championship 10/7/2017 Pickwick
Area 4 Championship 10/7/2017 Hartwell
Area 7 Championship 10/28/2017 Texoma

American Couples Series Upcoming Events

Oklahoma 9/23/2017 Fort Gibson