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The ABA's Fish-N-Logtm Professional Suite

Download a Evaluation Version Now!! Free for 30 days (16mb in size)

The Most Complete and Feature Rich Fishing Systems for the Fisherperson all in one Package!

TaySys Software offers the fisherperson the most complete and feature rich set of computer systems available all in one package, the Fish-N-Logtm Professional Suite 2000. The Suite contains the Fish-N-LogtmProfessional, the most detailed fishing diary offered, the Compete-N-Logtm, a PERSONAL tournament scheduler, results, expenses and earnings tracking system, and the Equip-N-Logtm, a fishing equipment management and maintenance system. The Suite is ONLY available in 32-bit for Windows 95 thru XP users.

Here is what you get in the Fish-N-Logtm Professional Suite

The ABA Fish-N-Logtm Professional for Windows

This is the Premier fishing log software that was originally developed in 1989. It has now grown up to become the most complete and feature filled system available. Every serious fishperson will quickly develop trends by tracking their catch details.

Detail Your Fishing Trips!

Enter the date and location of your trip, the weather and water condions, solunar times, seasonal fishing time (Spring, Summer, Fall, Spawn, Post-Spawn, etc), moon phase, barometer, and more.

Detail Your Catch Results!

Enter the time-of-day, area fished, type of structure, number and species caught, method and tackle used, type and color of lure, detail any weather and water condition changes.

Detail Your Fishing Patterns!

Enter the productive or un-productive descriptions of your fishing patterns. Associate the pattern with a species of fish and optionally any of your catch details.
You can draw, edit, and print maps of your favorite lakes or locations.

Use the built-in Window's Paintbrush or your own graphics editing program to easily create or edit a map. Make notations where areas are and where you have caught fish in the past. If you have a scanner available, scan an existing map and import it into the system by associating it with a location. You may associate as many maps as you wish with a location, allowing you to further details specific fishing spots.

Query Wizard

The Query Wizard will help you to build a series of statements that allows you to access your catch details, fishing patterns and/or detailed notes looking for specific situations or combinations of conditions.

Summary and Graphical Analysis

The Summary and Graphical Anaysis feature will allow you to target specific locations, optionally set a species of fish, a fishing season or a specific month or range of month then collate your catch details to display or print the most productive fishing areas, fishing methods, baits and lures and times-of-day. Totals will also be shown for moon phases, water temperature ranges, and productive situations for the biggest fish.

The Graphical Analysis allows you to graphically display catch productivity of specific locations based on moon phases, water temperatures, types of structure, and MANY MORE! Print or export the graphs to another document.

The Travel Log

You have the option to detail travel information about your fishing locations including prime contacts, accommodations, restaurants, emergency information.

The Media Log

The new Media Log will allow you to maintain a list of media events you wish to remember; your favorite magazine articles, VCR tapes, TV programs, etc., can be detailed with notes about their content.

The Internet Log

The Internet Log allows you to keep track and provide immediate access to your favorite web sites and e-mail addresses.

Preview of all reports

All printed reports have a preview option. View the formatted report in a window prior to printing. You may also zoom in and out of the reports to see the full print format.

Edit any of the support databases at any time
The new system is multi-threaded allowing you to edit any of the support files such as tackle, baits, and fishing methods at any time, even while entering or viewing trip results. All references within the data bases will be changed immediately.

Lots of HELP is available!

Context sensitive and hyper-text help system is available using the Window's Help engine. Press the F1-key and detailed graphical help will be displayed to assist you. Who needs a manual anymore?

Customized Backup and Restore Program

A customized backup and restore program is included with the system. You can backup your data files to another directory or floppy disk and, if needed (forbid the horror!), restore your information. Backups include data compression to save space and capability to copy to multiple diskettes.
Prices and download information is available at the end of this page.

The Compete-N-Logtm for Windows

The Compete-N-Logtm for Windows offers a tournament fisherperson the ability to track their personal tournament schedule through a fishing season. It allows for tracking as many tournament circuits as is established either individually or together. It will also allow for tracking tournament results, expenses and earnings.

Setup a Personal Tournament Schedule

Tournament circuits are established and dates and locations are entered to create a schudule. Track registration dates, payments, print schedules by circuit or by date for an established tournament season.

Track Tournament Results

Enter tournament place of finish, weight, big fish, and points earned and have a running totals for each circuit or total for the entire tournament season.
Track Tournament Earnings and Expenses
Detail earnings and expenses for each tournment. Reports offer totals for each circuit or cumulative for the entire seasonor for ANY range of dates . See that NET PROFIT (or loss).

The Equip-N-Logtm for Windows

The Equip-N-Logtm for Windows is the fisherperson's fishing equipment manager. It allows for categorizing the equipment, detailing descriptions and other information, distributors, manufacturers, purchases, repairs and maintenance, To-Do lists, and maintenance reminders.

Categorize Fishing Equipment

Separate fishing equipment into specific categories.

Detail Equipment

Maintain detailed descriptions, serial numbers, storage locations, distributor purchases, costs, quantities on-hand, buying units, packagaing and much more.

Detail Distributors and Manufacturers

Maintain mailing information and contact telephone numbers of distributors (where equipment was purchased) and manufacturers.

Track Purchases

Keep track of each purchase, including quantities purchased and costs. Display and report on purchases by distributor, type of equipment and for the entire year.

Track Repairs and Maintenance

Detail repairs and maintenance for the equipment. Keep workorder details and followup maintenance.

Maintenance Reminders

Followup maintenance reminders will let the fisherperson keep track of the next maintenance to be performed. Reminder thresholds are configurable.

To-Do Lists

Keep track of any To-Do event and be reminded when the event is almost due. To-Do list thresholds are configurable.


Software for more information.

Download a Fully Functional 30-day "Try-Then-Register" Copy!
A fully functional 30-day trial version of the ABA Fish-N-Logtm Professional Suite 2000 is avaiable for download. Use all the features, enter as many fishing trips and details as you wish, print reports, show graphs, enter tournament results and MUCH MORE for 30-days.

Don't hesitate to register! Register the system on-line or by mail, phone or fax. You will receive a serial number and activation code to allow you to enjoy the system forever.

Download the Fish-N-LogtmProfessional Suite (16mb in size)


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