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Joe McDaniels
Jim Holloway
Tommy Hibdon
Paul Tyler
Jim Foster

Bob Medeiros
Pat McDaniels
George Miserendino
Gary Conner

Lee Marshall
William Jasper
Jim Garner


Bill Peeler
Toby Hicks
William Peele
Joe VanHooser


Dale Hart

Joe Angelone
Beck Minor

Barry Davis
Pat Vance

Burkitt (Deacon) Collins

John Beckstrom
Craig Maxwell

Michael Tamburello

Dave Fox
Tom Storm
Bob Ogle
Bill Hall

Jerry Jeranka


Jack Leffingwell

The highest honor can bestow on an ABA member is the induction into the American Bass Anglers Hall of Fame.

What makes these ABA members so special? Many things, all are lifetime members with years of loyal service to American Bass Anglers and Military Bass Anglers. Morris Sheehan, President of American Bass Anglers proudly says of these special members: "They eat and breathe ABA. They believe in the organization. Being selected to the ABA Hall of Fame is a lifetime achievement award, based on many years of service, many events, and lots of dedication. Not only have they served ABA, but their communities and their country."

The idea for beginning the Hall of Fame originated with long time member Lee Marshall. Lee was inducted into the Armed Forces Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame and thought of the similarities of that organization to ABA. He called Morris and suggested ABA start a Hall of Fame. Morris thought it was an excellent idea and asked Lee to spearhead the initial selection process.

Lee organized the first selection committee and criteria for being nominated were developed. Letters were sent to all ABA directors asking for nominations. Twenty-six members were nominated and then ranked by the committee. The results were sent to ABA Headquarters for the final selections.

Starting 2003 the selection committee is comprised of the Hall of Fame members. They submit their nominees for ABA headquarters each year for final selection.

American Bass Anglers Salutes each of these well deserving members of the American Bass Anglers Hall of Fame.



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