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Welcome to the American Fishing Tour


Lake Conroe Shows Off Again

ATHENS, Ala. – Taylor Robbins of Conroe, TX won the American Bass Anglers Open Series for Division 18, held March 17th on Lake Conroe

Running out of Lakeview Marina Taylor weighed in a solid five-fish limit with a kicker of 8.90, topping the scales with a total weight at 23.88 lbs. For the boater division victory, Taylor took home a check for $5000.00

“We started off shore and went shallow in the afternoon.  I found some fish I wanted to hit first thing in the morning and caught a couple there.  I culled 3 or 4 times.” Said Taylor.  He did the opposite of what most anglers do.  “I caught my biggest fish mid-day, around 12:30 and came in with what I had from there” stated Taylor

In second for the boaters, Ronnie Wagner of Houston, TX brought in a five-bass limit weighing 20.81 lbs.  He collected a check for $500.

“I was up shallow all day, I did a lot of sight fishing today.  These fish are relating to beds and I could see 80% of the ones I was after.  I was flipping to them and occasionally throwing a moving bait and catching them as well.” Said Ronnie

James Nitschke of Conroe, TX placed third for the boaters with a limit of five bass weighing 16.72 lbs and took home a check for $300.00

“I caught them about like I thought I would, flipping.  I didn’t lose anything today, so I was very fortunate for that.  I fished clean and made each bite count so I’m happy to have had a clean tournament.  I did cull twice.  The was good for me.  I caught fish all day and didn’t really go through any dry spells.” Said James

In fourth, Sean Hoernke of Willis, TX had a limit for 18.19 lbs, and Kris Wilson of Montgomery, TX finished in 5th place, as close as you can get with 18.18 lbs.

In the Co-Angler Division Chris Cain of Onalaska, TX had the right bite to take him to the top of the leaderboard.  Having only 2 fish, one which broke the 9 lb mark, (9.06 lbs) for a total of 12.17.  His performance filled his pocket with a check for $1000.00 on the win, and $145.00 for big bass.

“We went up North and fished the buck brush and I bet we broke a dozen fish off.  We would set the hook and instead of coming out, they would go sideways and wrap us around all the trees.  I thought that just having 2 fish wasn’t going to cut it today, but I got lucky with one good bite.  One this lake anything can change it up real fast, but it worked out for me.” Said Chris

Taking second for the co-anglers was Curt McCauley of Willis, TX.  Curt had 3 fish for 9.58 lbs and held the top spot for a bit.  His placement earned him a check for $400.00

“Well my boater took me to his house and gave me one of his pets!  That’s basically where we caught them at.  He lives on the lake and I caught one not far from his dock.  After that we fished a lot of bulk heads, moved around and ended out off shore and finished out the day there.  It was a lot of fun.” Stated Curt.

Finishing in third, again a top 3 angler with only 2 fish was Tyler Forrest of Crosby, TX.  He placed third less than 1 lb back with 8.74 lbs. to earn a check for $300.00

“We just stayed mainly on the south end of the lake, throwing spinner baits against the bulk head.  The bite was a little slow at first little bit until the wind started blowing and the sun came up. It pushed the shad up and we started catch them.  We were catching short fish after short fish at 15.5 inches and we moved to some mid lake structure.  I pitched a brush hog out there and caught a 5.70.  We went back to the bulk heads and picked up some more keepers.” Stated Tyler.

In fourth place among the co-anglers, Elton Brock of New Caney TX had only one bite, but it was a beauty weighing in at 8.70 lbs to take 4th place.  Bryan Tolley of Katy, TX had 3 fish for 7.85 lbs for 5th place.

The biggest bass for the boaters was caught by Aaron Freeman and he didn’t waste any time getting to the scales.  Aaron was the first angler on stage and showed off a 9.79 lb monster he caught and earned $330.00.  Aarons fish also won a bonus of a brand new Revo X from Abu Garcia.

Slated for May 19th, the next divisional tournament will be held on Lake Conroe launching from Lakeview Marina.  At the end of the season, the best anglers from across the nation advance to the 2019 Ray Scott Championship, slated for the first week of April 2019 on Lake Eufaula, AL.

For more information on this tournament, call Chris Wayand, tournament manager, at 256-230-5627 or ABA at 256-232-0406. On line, see www.ramopenseries.com .

About American Bass Anglers: American Bass Anglers is committed to providing low cost, close to home tournaments for the weekend angler and at the same time offer each competitor an upward path for individual angler progression. For more information about American Bass Anglers, the Open Series, the American Fishing Tour or the American Couples Series, visit www.americanbassanglers.com.



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American Fishing Tour Upcoming Events

2018 Upcoming Schedule

North Carolina Piedmont 4/21/2018 Jordan
Texas - Houston 4/21/2018 Somerville
Missouri - Stockton 4/21/2018 Stockton
DFW - Texas 4/21/2018 Lewisville
Southeast North Carolina 4/21/2018 Lake Waccamaw
Arkansas North 4/21/2018 Dardanelle
Kentucky Central 4/21/2018 Barkley
Connecticut 4/21/2018 Candlewood
Oklahoma 4/21/2018 Grand Lake
Alabama North 4/21/2018 Guntersville
Lynchburg / Roanoke VA 4/21/2018 Leesville
South Louisiana 4/21/2018 Pearl River
Pennsylvania 4/21/2018 North East River
Oklahoma North 4/21/2018 Keystone Lake
Tennessee 4/21/2018 Kentucky Lake
Georgia North 4/21/2018 Allatoona
Texas - Houston 4/22/2018 Somerville
South Carolina Northwest 4/22/2018 Hartwell
Tennessee Central 4/22/2018 Percy Priest
Texas - Wichita Falls 4/22/2018 Hubbard Creek
Massachusetts - New England 4/22/2018 Wequaquet Lake-Centerville
Virginia 4/28/2018 Gaston
North Carolina Charlotte 4/28/2018 High Rock
Georgia Central 4/28/2018 Jackson
North Central Louisiana 4/28/2018 Claiborne
Florida - Istokpoga South 4/28/2018 Lake Istokpoga
Louisiana - Shreveport 4/28/2018 Cross
North Carolina Central 4/28/2018 Chowan
New Mexico 4/28/2018 Ute
Ohio-Central 4/28/2018 Buckeye Lake
Texas - Wichita Falls 4/28/2018 Possum Kingdom
Alabama Central 4/28/2018 Lake Mitchell
Missouri 4/28/2018 Truman
Tennessee - West 4/28/2018 Kentucky Lake
Kansas - Big Hill 4/28/2018 Big Hill
Pennsylvania 4/28/2018 North East River
New Mexico 4/29/2018 Ute
KY Lake 4/29/2018 Kentucky Lake
Kansas South 4/29/2018 El Dorado
Maryland 4/29/2018 Potomac
Florida - Toho 4/29/2018 Toho
Alabama West 4/29/2018 Bankhead
New Hampshire 4/29/2018 Winnipesaukee
South Carolina - Savannah River 5/05/2018 Savannah River
North Carolina Piedmont 5/05/2018 Kerr
North Carolina East 5/05/2018 Neuse/Trent River
Georgia - Eufaula 5/05/2018 Lake Eufaula
Texas - Houston 5/05/2018 Coleto Creek
Georgia North 5/05/2018 Allatoona
Missouri 5/05/2018 Pomme de Terre
Maryland 5/05/2018 Potomac
Florida - West 5/05/2018 Toho
Arkansas River 5/05/2018 Maumelle Pool
Florida Harris Chain 5/05/2018 Harris Chain
Connecticut 5/05/2018 Gardner Lake
Oklahoma 5/05/2018 Grand Lake
  5/05/2018 Kentucky Lake
Tennessee Central 5/06/2018 Old Hickory
Texas - Wichita Falls 5/06/2018 Arrowhead
Maryland 5/06/2018 Potomac
Georgia - Westpoint 5/06/2018 West Point
Massachusetts - New England 5/06/2018 Mashpee-Wakeby-Mashpee
Massachusetts-Central New England 5/06/2018 Quinsigamond
Louisiana - Toledo Bend South 5/12/2018 Toledo Bend
Virginia 5/12/2018 Chickahominy River
North Carolina Charlotte 5/12/2018 Lake Norman
North Carolina Central 5/12/2018 Roanoke River
Ohio-Central 5/12/2018 Delaware Reservoir
Missouri - Stockton 5/12/2018 Stockton
Texas - Sam Rayburn North 5/12/2018 Sam Rayburn
Tennessee - West 5/12/2018 Kentucky Lake
Kentucky Central 5/12/2018 Kentucky Lake
Lynchburg / Roanoke VA 5/12/2018 Smith Mountain
South Louisiana 5/12/2018 False River
New Hampshire 5/13/2018 Pawtuckaway

Plus Team Tour 2018 Schedule


Dates Lake/Info Register
5/20/2018 Wheeler
7/01/2018 Weiss


3/11/2018 (Being Recheduled) Kentucky  
4/22/2018 Kentucky
5/13/2018 Old Hickory
9/23/2018 Kentucky





American Couples Series Winter/Spring Events

Georgia 4/21/2018 Lanier Balus Creek Park
Alabama Central 4/21/2018 Alabama River Swift Creek
Oklahoma 4/21/2018 Tenkiller Sizemore Landing
Tennessee Northeast 4/28/2018 Melton Hill Melton Hill Dam
South Carolina 4/28/2018 Lake Hartwell Greenpond
Kentucky 4/29/2018 Lake Barkley Kuttawa
Florida Northwest 5/12/2018 Choctawhatchee River Black Creek Lodge
Alabama North 5/12/2018 Guntersville Goosepond
Oklahoma 5/12/2018 Grand Grand Lake RV Ramp
Georgia 5/19/2018 West Point Highland Marina
Tennessee Northeast 5/19/2018 Douglas Dam
South Carolina 5/19/2018 Lake Russell Russell B Richard State Park
Alabama Central 5/19/2018 Lay Lake Narrows Boat Ramp
Kentucky 5/20/2018 Kentucky Lake Ken Lake State Park
North Carolina 5/20/2018 TBA TBA


Open Series 2018 Upcoming Events

Register  Lake Date Lake/Info
South Carolina 4/21/2018 Hartwell
Alabama South 4/21/2018 Martin
Oklahoma 4/21/2018 Eufaula
North Carolina 4/28/2018 Kerr
Georgia 4/28/2018 Sinclair
South East Texas 4/28/2018 Sam Rayburn
Alabama North 4/28/2018 Neely Henry
Florida Central 5/05/2018 Toho
Mississippi 5/05/2018 Ross Barnett
Tennesee Central 5/05/2018 Old Hickory
Ohio 5/12/2018 Indian
Maryland 5/12/2018 Potomac
Florida South 5/12/2018 Okeechobee
Oklahoma 5/12/2018 Grand Lake
North Carolina 5/19/2018 High Rock
Alabama South 5/19/2018 Jordan
South Texas 5/19/2018 Lake Conroe