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Welcome to the American Couple Series
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Brenda and David Presley Win On Ft. Loudon/Tellico

By Kathy Smith

March 8, 2014 – Ft. Loudon/Tellico

As the boats blasted off into the brilliant sunrise, you could feel a hint a spring in the air. This was Divisions 9’s first tournament of 2014 and attendance was high. Thirteen teams fished for the win but Brenda and David Presley pulled it off. Weighing in with 9.44 pounds they went home with $585 in their pockets and a nice plaque. The secret to their success was a combination of shad, raps and spinner baits.

Taking second place was Brenna Armfield and Carl Guffey with a total weight of 8.88 pounds. These two were smiling on their way home with a plaque from our sponsor, This ‘N That and  $390.

Ladies’ Big Fish: Two ladies, Bonnie Johnson with 3.85 Lbs. and Misty Lewis with 3.82 Lbs. Both brought in beautiful fish. So close were their weights, but there can be only one winner.
Bonnie Johnson led by 0.03 Lbs. Congratulations Bonnie!

Men’s Big Fish: With less pressure than the ladies had, Matt Sharp brings in his big fish weighing 4.14 pounds. Congratulations Matt!

The remaining places were as follows:
3.  Korrina McKenney and Matt Sharp    7.55 Lbs.
4.  Kathy Smith and Jeff McGaha           6.25 Lbs.
5.  LaNetta and James Gann                 5.63 Lbs.
6.  Misty Lewis & Rusty Satterfield         5.56 Lbs.
7.  Bonnie and Shannon Johnson           5.24 Lbs.
8.  Rita and Chop Stout                        4.53 Lbs.
9.  Leslie and Andrew Presley               4.35 Lbs.
10. Danny Presley                                4.32 Lbs.
11. Jason Ashley                                  4.08 Lbs.
12. Linda and Jeff Hightower                 1.40 Lbs.
13. Mary Ann and Bob Guiliano              0.00 Lbs.

Water temperatures varied a lot depending on where teams fished. They ranged from
45°-52°F. Many of the fish were caught before noon. Daytime temperatures rose to a pleasant 62°F.

Welcome new members LaNetta and James Gann!

Our next tournament is on Watts Bar on March 29. See our website for details.

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“American Couples Series”

As the sport of fishing continues to lure in more people, couples across the country have found it to be one of the greatest hobbies available today. Spending time in the outdoors is one of the very best ways to not only enjoy the natural beauty of our lakes and rivers, but to enjoy that with special friends.



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