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Lance Nunley & Shannan Swafford win on Chickamauga Lake


Athens, Al. Lance Nunley and Shannan Swafford won the American Bass Anglers - event on Lake Chickamauga out of Chester Frost Park with 5 fish weighing 19.72 lbs..

Lance Nunley and Shannan Swafford weighed in the only 5 fish limit of the day which total 19.72 lbs. and included the the womens big fish of the tournament , a nice 4.35 lb. largemouth. Lance and Shannan reported catching most of their fish on rattle baits on the breaks.  Jerry Last and Brittant Scott took 2nd place honors with 4 fish weighing 13.52 lbs.  Ray Bohlman and Donna Barbee finished a close 3rd with 4 fish weighing 13.19 lbs. which included the men's big fish of the day, a 7.14 lb. largemouth.

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Susan and John Mills Win on Lake Hartwell
The 35 degree morning did not deter 18 teams from participating in the American Bass Anglers Couples Tournament on Lake Hartwell.   The chilly March 28 Saturday morning gave way to a sunny and pleasant afternoon.  All of the couples brought fish to the scales.
Susan and John Mills took first place honors with a 5 fish limit weighing 15.1 pounds.  Susan's 3.7 pound largemouth was the Ladies Big Bass.  Her winning fish came pitching a Texas rigged green pumpkin worm to a dock.  Susan said that they saw the fish, and it saw them, as they went by a dock the first time.   They moved away for a few minutes, then came back and cast the worm to the dock from a distance, and the fish took the worm.   The Mills are from Leesville, South Carolina.
Gary Heinly claimed Mens Big Bass.  It topped the scales at 5.2 pounds.  Gary was using a green pumpkin trick worm by a dock.  Gary and Beverly Heinly are from Chapin, South Carolina.

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Heather and Jason Ashley Win Big

March 7, 2015 - Ft. Loudoun/Tellico

By: Kathy Smith
Three weeks of very cold weather didn't stop eight couples from trying their best this past weekend. Bundled up, they started out in 19 degree and overcast skies. Fishing was tough, even for the winning couple. However, Heather's fish weighing 1.44 pounds won this couple $635 which included lady's big fish. 
Other participating couples include:
Brenda and David Presley
Bonnie and Shannon Johnson
Missy and Dale Presley
Rita and Jim Stout
Misty Lewis and Rusty Satterfield
Leslie and Andrew Presley
Kathy Smith and Danny Presley

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Michelle and David Ashmore Master Lake Murray


Athens, AL - Lake Murray lured 18 teams for the season opener of South Carolina's Couples Series on March 7.  A chilly 28 degree morning led to a 62 degree afternoon with plentiful sunshine.

Michelle and David Ashmore took first place honors. The Ashmore's winning 4-fish sack weighed in at 15.4 pounds. In the sack was David's men's big bass (7.4 pounds).  Their success came in front of docks with jigs and shakey-heads in the clearer water toward the dam. They only had 4 bites all day, but got them all in the boat.  Michelle and David live in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

Janette and Charles Rodgers, from Cayce, South Carolina, claimed second place.  Their 3 bass weighed 10.3 pounds.  This included Janette's 5-pound Ladies Big Bass. Their fish came on a crankbait and a jerk bait. 

Third place went to Tami and Jimmy Raper of Easley, South Carolina.  Their 4-fish sack weighed 8.8 pounds. Tami and Jimmy also caught their fish on docks in clearer water.  A shakey-head was their bait of choice.

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Michael DeRamus Takes First Place at Lake Mitchell 

From Division 1 Couples Central Alabama December 6, 2014 is one step closer to the ABA Couples National Championship with a first Place win and $450 in the American Fishing Tour bass tournament held on Lake Mitchell this past weekend. Five bass limit weighed in at 11.67 pounds. Second place went to Bo Hunter & Brandee Johnson with a weight of 11.56 pounds. Third place was Sean & April Brown with a weight of 10.71 pounds. Woman's big bass was awarded was to for catching April Brown a 2.93 pound spot. Men's big bass went to Eric Nelson with a 2.96 pound spot.
These anglers are acquiring valuable points to insure their birth in division's two-day champion and the American Fishing Tour National Championship that will be held this fall. Their points are also being used to determine the divisional angler of the year. The top angler by points earned in this division will represent the division in the Angler of the Year final round.

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Korrina McKinney and Matt Sharp Score on Douglas


By Kathy Smith
Douglas Lake, Dandridge TN - October 25, 2014 
The first tournament in the Couples' Series is always exciting. It's the beginning of a new year with new scores and new goals. The day started off in the low 40s and was super foggy! Seven couples were in attendance. 
Korrina McKinney and Matt Sharp arrived at their first spot. Shoot! Matt, lost the first fish and it was a big one. Ahh, but Korrina gets a bite and brings in that bass. First fish in the boat - check. The top water bite is on and this couple catches 10.29 pounds of bass. Matt also hooked and landed a big one which earned him Men's Big Bass. They won $315 for first place and another $35 for Matt's lunker.
The fog finally lifted late morning and temperatures rose to 68 degrees F. Water temp was 65 degrees F.

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Marty & Kim Giddens Take First Place at Logan Martin 

From Division 1 Couples Central Alabama October 19, 2014 is one step closer to the ABA Couples National Championship with a first place win and $630 in the American Fishing Tour bass tournament held on Logan Martin Lake this past weekend.  Five bass limit weighed in at 15.08. Second place went to Michael & Misty DeRamus with a weight of 13.66, third place was Bo Hunter and Brandee Johnson with a weight of 13.56. Woman’s big bass was awarded was to Andrea Smith for catching a 4.19 pound large mouth. Men’s big bass went to Michael DeRamus with a 4.68 large mouth.
These anglers are acquiring valuable points to insure their birth in division’s two-day champion and the American Fishing Tour National Championship that will be held this fall.  Their points are also being used to determine the divisional angler of the year. The top angler by points earned in this division will represent the division in the Angler of the Year final round.

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National Couples AOY Awarded to Dale & Victoria Goff

Dale and Victoria Goff were awarded the National Couples AOY Award at the Couples National Championship on Sept. 19th, 2014.  The Goff's compete in South carolina Division 11 which is run by Don & Martha Goodfellow. 

"We were shocked.  I had no idea that there was a National Couples AOY Award to be awarded.  We are very proud to recieve the award.  The two of us really enjoy competeing in the Couples Series each year", said Dale Goff.

The Couples National Championship was held Sept. 18th & 19th, 2014 at Lake Eufaula out of Lakepoint Resort Sate Park. 

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Ray & Bratcher Dominate Couples Championship

The team of Chandler Ray and Kayla Bratcher won the 2014 ABA Couples National Championship at Lake Eufaula On September 18th & 19th, 2014 and took home a check for $4000.  Ray and Bratcher led Day One with 17.63 pounds and brought in 14.95 pounds on Day Two bringing their winning weight to 32.58 pounds.  The team focused on submerged timber in 20+ feet of water in the mid-lake area of Eufaula.  "We used a green pumpkin Big Bite B2 worm and a Big Bite Fighting Frog for our fish on Day One.  On Day Two, we used a 1.5 ounce jig with a Big Bite Fighting Frog and a 10” Big Bite Kreit Tail worm," said Ray.

Second place went to the team of Mitch and Elizabeth Milner with a two day total of 31.52 pounds.  "We were fishing grass and lily pads," said Mitch Milner.  The Milner's used a Booza jig and a Snag Proof hollow body frog on Day One.  On Day Two, they used a Rebel Pop-R and a Snag Proof frog.

Dale and Victoria Goff finished in the third place spot with a two day total of 28.26 pounds.  The couple focused on points both days using Zoom Brush Hogs and Baby Brush Hogs in green pumpkin and a watermelon candy colors. "We fished one point for seven and a half hours on Day One.  On day two, we fished a few different points and ended up on the same point as Day One," said Dale Goff.

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Ray & Bratcher Lead Day One of Couples Championship

Chandler Ray & Kayla Bratcher are leading Day One of the ABA Couples National Championship at Lake Eufaula.  The pair brought in five fish weighing 17.63 pounds to secure the lead for the day. "We caught our fish using a green pumpkin Big Bite B2 worm and a black Big Bite Top Toad," said Ray.

Mitch and Elizabeth Milner are holding the second place spot with four fish weighing 17.28 pounds.  "I caught my big fish on a jig," said Mitch Milner.

Rounding out the top three is the team of Dale and Victoria Goff. The Goff's brought in five fish weighing 15.59 pounds.

Men's Big Bass is being led by the team of Terry and Sue Wien with a 6.19 pound largemouth.  Terry stated that he caught his lunker using a hollow body frog around lily pads.

The team of Kay and Samuel Dyal is leading Ladies' Big Bass with a 6.01 pound Eufaula bass.  Kay caught her leading Big Bass using a Storm crankbait.

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William Sheffield & Camela Farmer Win on Eufaula
William Sheffield and Camela Farmer are one step closer to the ABA National Championship with a first place win and $495 in the American Couples Series bass tournament held on Lake Eufaula this past weekend. Five bass limit weighed in at 15.35 pounds.
Second place went to Doug and Rosemarie Goodall with a weight of 13.39 pounds.
Third place was Mark and Amy Shannon with a weight of 11.48 pounds.
Women's big bass was awarded was to Sherry Eason for catching a 2.31 pound largemouth. Men's big bass went to Doug Goodall with a 7.22 largemouth.

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Misty Lewis and Rusty Satterfield Flip Their Way to the Win

Couples arrived early for the last Division 9 tournament of the year. Conversations about fishing woke up everyone to the excitement ahead. Eight teams blasted off from Poplar Springs Ramp. 
The fish were drawn to the jigs being flipped by Misty Lewis and Rusty Satterfield. As a result, the team earned a solid first place finish and were awarded $360. Congraulations!
Extremely close second place went to Heather and Jason Ashley with 8.90 pounds. They earned $240. Heather also won Lady's Big Fish with a nice 3.57 pound bass increasing her winnings by $40.  

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Bonnie and Shannon Johnson Triumph on Melton Hill

When Bonnie and Shannon Johnson come to a tournament, watch out! You know they are going to win something. This time was no different. Even though Melton Hill is full of almost-long-enough fish, Bonnie and Shannon found enough big ones to win first place and lady’s big fish. Their total weight was 9.94 pounds which was more than a pound ahead of second place. They went home with $360. 

Lady's Big Fish went to Bonnie Shannon with 2.99 lbs. winning $40.00.
Men’s Big Fish was caught by James Stout weighing 4.04 lbs. winning $40.00.

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Tammy and J.B. Wicker Claim Lake Greenwood06/07/2014

Athens, Al. Tammy and J.B. Wicker won the American Bass Anglers - South Carolina event on 06/07/2014 out of One Stop Marina with 5 fish weighing 14 pounds.

Tammy and J.B. Wicker took first place honors on the June 7 Lake Greenwood couples tournament.   The Wickers, from Pomaria, SC, had a 5-fish sack weighing in at 14 pounds.   In that sack were J.B.'s Mens Big Bass (4.9 pounds) and Tammy's Ladies Big Bass (3.9 pounds).    Their success came primarily on Carolina rigs using Zooom's Ol' Monster and Jumbo Trick Worms.   Their big bass were both shallow "on the bank" in 2 feet of water.  

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Amanda and Vince Smith take Charge on Keowee

Athens, Al. Amanda and Vince Smith won the American Bass Anglers - South Carolina event on 05/17/2014 out of South Cove with 5 fish weighing 12.4 pounds.

Their fish were caught mostly on main lake points working a Zara Spook and culling through nearly 20 keepers.   They then went in search of their "kicker" by sight fishing.  Vince hooked a 4.3 ounce bedding bass toward the back of a creek in 3 feet of water to claim Men's Big Fish.   His big bass proved important in the final standings.Tammy and J.B. Wicker, Pomaria, SC, were close behind the Smiths with an 11.6 pound 5-fish sack.   Their fish were caught throughout the day on Carolina Rigs and a Pop-R in 2 to 18 feet of water.   Tammy got the Ladies Big Fish with a nice 3.6 pounder!   And her big bass was the key to the Wicker's solid finish!

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Raymond and Michelle Archer win on Horsetooth Reservoir
Raymond and Michelle Archer won the American Couples Series, operated by American Bass Anglers, Colorado Division 13 tournament, held May 4, 2014 on Horsetooth Reservoir.
Running out of the South Bay near Ft.Collins, the team from Greeley, Colorado, caught four bass weighing 5.37 pounds with a 2.05-pound kicker. For the victory, they earned a check for $375. Ray and Michelle caught their fish on senkos & tubes.
In second for the 5 teams, Chad and Stephanie Brekke of Windsor, Colorado, also caught four bass weighing 4.22 pounds with a 1.46-pound kicker. They caught their fish on tube jigs as well. 
Taking third place, the team of Chris Jones and Lyndsay Baker of Milliken, Colorado, caught four bass weighing 4.04 pounds with a 1.32-pound kicker.

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Marty & Kim Giddens take First Place at Lay Lake


Athens, Al. Marty & Kim Giddens won the American Bass Anglers - Central Alabama event on 05/10/2014 out of Paradise Point Marina with 5 fish weighing 17.58 pounds.

It was a close contest with Marty and Lisa Gibbens winning by .30 pounds over second place team Jody Knight and Michele Bressie. 

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2014 National Championship Results

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2015 Season Schedules
Division Date Lake Ramp
Alabama North 2/7/2015 Guntersville Waterfront
North Carolina 2/28/2015 Mountain Island Lake Riverbend Landing
Central Alabama 2/28/2015 Jordan Bonners Landing
Tennessee Northeast 3/7/2015 Ft Loudon/Tellico Lenoir City Ramp
South Carolina 3/7/2015 Lake Murray Dreher Island State Park
Florida Northwest 3/14/2015 Lake Seminole Seminole Lodge
Georgia 3/21/2015 Oconee Sugar Creek Marina
Alabama North 3/21/2015 Pickwick McFarland
Kentucky 3/21/2015 Kentucky Lake Paris Landing
North Carolina 3/21/2015 Lake Wylie South Point Access
Central Alabama 3/21/2015 Mitchell Higgins Ferry
Tennessee Northeast 3/28/2015 Watts Bar Blue Springs Ramp
Tennessee East 3/28/2015 Chickamauga Chester Frost Park
South Carolina 3/28/2015 Lake Hartwell Broyles Landing
Alabama North 4/4/2015 Wilson Turtle Point
Kentucky 4/4/2015 Kentucky Lake Paris Landing
North Carolina 4/4/2015 Lake Norman McCrary Creek Access
Florida Northwest 4/11/2015 Apalachicola River White City Landing
Tennessee Northeast 4/18/2015 Melton Hill Melton Hill Dam
South Carolina 4/18/2015 Lake Keowee South Cove
Kentucky 4/19/2015 Kentucky Lake Paris Landing
Georgia 4/25/2015 Jackson Berry's Boat Docks
Tennessee East 4/25/2015 Chickamauga Chester Frost Park
Central Alabama 4/25/2015 Guntersville Guntersville State Park
Georgia 4/26/2015 Sinclair Little River Marina
Alabama North 5/2/2015 Wheeler Old Decatur Boat Harbor
Central Alabama 5/2/2015 Logan Martin Clear Creek Harbor
Military Team Bass Tournament 5/6/2015 Eufaula Lake Point
Florida Northwest 5/9/2015 Choctawhatchee River Black Creek Landing
Georgia 5/9/2015 Sinclair Little River Marina
Tennessee East 5/9/2015 Chickamauga Chester Frost Park
Kentucky 5/10/2015 Kentucky Lake Paris Landing
Central Alabama 5/16/2015 Lay Lake TBA
Tennessee Northeast 5/23/2015 Melton Hill Melton Hill Dam
Alabama North 5/23/2015 Neely Henry City Ramp
Kentucky 5/23/2015 Kentucky Lake Paris Landing
South Carolina 5/23/2015 Lake Russell Richard B Russell State Park
Georgia 5/30/2015 West Point Highland Marina
Tennessee East 5/30/2015 Chickamauga Chester Frost Park
North Carolina 5/30/2015 High Rock Lake Dutch Second Landing
Georgia 5/31/2015 West Point Highland Marina
Tennessee Northeast 6/6/2015 Chickamauga Dayton Ramp
Florida Northwest 6/13/2015 Lake Seminole Seminole Lodge
Alabama North 6/13/2015 Weiss Canal Ramp
South Carolina 6/13/2015 Lake Greenwood One Stop Marina
Kentucky 6/14/2015 Kentucky Lake Paris Landing
Tennessee East 6/20/2015 Chickamauga Chester Frost Park
Tennessee Northeast 6/27/2015 Watts Bar Blue Springs Ramp
Georgia 6/27/2015 Oconee Sugar Creek Marina
North Carolina 6/27/2015 Lake Hickory Whittingburg Landing
John Brannen 7/11/2015 Wheeler Ditto Landing
Kentucky 7/11/2015 Kentucky Lake Paris Landing
Alabama North 8/15/2015 Guntersville Browns Creek West
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Marty & Kim Giddens take First Place at Lay Lake

Seaton Couple Wins on Kentucky Lake

John & Angela Win on Lake High Rock

Brenna Armfield and Carl Guffey are Victorious on Douglas

Mark and Melissa Wilson win on Lake Chickamauga

Jeffery Archie wins on Kentucky Lake

Jimmy & Samantha Langley Win on Lake Oconee

Richard & Tori Martens Win on Lake Jackson

Susan & John Mills Master Lake Hartwell

Bonnie and Shannon Johnson Corral the Big Ones on Watts Bar


Alabama Central- Division 1
Mark & Amy Shannon - (205)678-7944

Alabama North- Division 7
John Brannen - (256)679-8278

Colorado- Division 13
Jim Strawbridge & Sharon Below
(720) 985-1204

Florida Northwest- Division 6
Rick Moore/Donna Milner (850) 651-1181

Georgia- Division 2
David & Ann Fox - 478-714-1272

Kentuck Lake- Division 8
Jeff Archie - 731-336-4938

Louisiana- Division 10
James and Marisa Gallman 318-518-4478

Massachusetts- Division 12
Larry & Betty Mongeon - (413)436-9383

North Carolina- Division 4
Leisa & Keith Morgan - 828-659-4268

North Carolina East- Division 14
Mark & Mary Jo Williamson (252)291-3226

Mississippi North
Darren Chaney (901) 277-6079

South Carolina- Division 11
Don & Martha Goodfellow - (864)630-3183

Tennessee- Division 9
Danny Presley & Juanita Blasingame -

Tennessee East- Division 5
Tim & Chrissy Kennedy (423)843-2750


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