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2011 Service Team Ranking - Top 100 Coast Guard
This include those now serving in or veterans of the US Coast Guard
(clicking on the member's ID will give complete angler history)
Place Name MemberID Service District Events Points
Richard Bates
CG 11 6 2968
Joe Lybrand
CG 17 7 2371
Bill Shepard
CG 106 8 1277
James Smithee Jr
CG 20 21 1148
Jason Law
CG 9 10 1124
Donald M Stewart
CG 36 7 1119
Patrick Clark
CG 11 4 761
Dominic Gamberdella
CG 6 2 371
Keith Kranenburg
CG 27 2 233
Cody Meyers
CG 5 1 182
Charlie Knowles
CG 129 1 181
Raymond Prell IV
CG 5 1 177
Weston Rogers
CG 40 2 100
Ken Langford
CG 106 1 50
Aaron Comeau
CG 5 1 50
Jordan Vigna
CG 5 1 50
Brandon Fox
CG 5 1 50
Augustin Quintero
CG 5 1 50
Ivan Garrido
CG 5 1 50
What is a Competition Team?

This is a special ranking of members based their group designation. Members that ever served in the military they are placed in that military branch’s service team or in the Homeland Security Service Team. If the member never served in the military they are placed either in the Eagle (Non Military) or the Lady Angler service team.

Why have service teams? This allows the rank members within their group. For example: Who is the top Army Angler? With this ranking method the top 5 from each service team receive special awards and recognition at the ABA national championship.

Must I have served in the military to be in one of the military service teams? Yes, if you have never served in the military you can still be in the associate or the lady angler service team.

Can I be in any service team I want to be in? No, you must have been belong or been in either a military branch or in the case of the Homeland Security Team you must be serving or veterans of the Coast Guard, Fire Fighter, Law Enforcement or a Registered EMT (Registered Emergency Medical Technician)

ABA Service Teams

  • Army (include those now serving in or veterans)
  • Navy (include those now serving in or veterans)
  • Air Force (include those now serving in or veterans)
  • Marine (include those now serving in or veterans)
  • Coast Guard (include those now serving in or veterans)
  • Homeland Security (Coast Guard, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement, Registered EMT)
  • Eagle (Members that have not served in the Military Armed Forces)
  • Lady Anglers (Members that have not served in the Military Armed Forces




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