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Contact Information for American Bass Anglers

Office hours 8am CST - 5pm CST Monday - Friday

Phone: (256) 232-0406

Fax (256) 233-2295

Mailing Address:
American Bass Anglers, INC
PO Box 475
Athens, AL 34612


Morris Sheehan, President and Owner - Email


David Hagood, Vice President - Email

Evan Boutwell, Marketing Director - Email

Marketing Sales

Allyn Michalek, EPS Communications- Email

American Fishing Tour Administrator

Sherri Angotta - Email

Membership Services

Linda Blagburn, Member Services Specialist - Email
Angela Ebbert, Member Services Specialist - Email
Kristen Mallot, Member Services Specialist - Email
Leslee Davis, Member Services Specialist - Email

Bassmaster Weekend Series Tournament Managers

Joe Angelone, Tournament Manager, New York- Email
Phone: 256-777-6152

Billy Benedetti, Tournament Manager, Southeast- Email
Phone: 256-230-5632

Chris Wayand., Tournament Manager, South Central - Email
Phone: 256-230-5627

Kristen Malott, Tournament Manager, Southern/Midwest - Email
Phone: 256-771-3709

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Chris Hagood - Email