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News - AFT

Scott Peterson Wins on N-S Center

Athens, Al - Scott Peterson won the American Fishing Tour Minnesota division 44 tournament with five fish weighing 15.85 pounds held on N & S Center on 07/20/2014.
Preparation. Focus. More often than not those two strategies win the day on the ABA/AFT circuit, and the July 20 event on North and South Center Lakes was no exception. Dire reports from prefishing outings leading up to the Minnesota District 44 tournament left most anglers expecting a meager day on the water, and a sultry weather forecast calling for 90 humid degrees didn't make the prospect much more appealing. Nevertheless, a good roster of bass chasers showed up for the tournament morning brief and attacked the lake with gusto...

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News - AFT

Mike Blaesi Wins on the Mississippi River
Athens, Al - Mike Blaesi of Dixon, IA won the American Fishing Tour Iowa East division 73 tournament with five bass weighing 11.13 pounds held on MS Pool 9 on 07/13/2014.
For the victory, Blaesi took home a check for $281. Blaesi caught his fish on Marv Miller jigs and plastics in current.
In second among the competitors, Tony Stoffers of Davenport, Iowa caught five bass weighing 10.48 pounds. Tony pocketed a check for $115.
Taking third place, Dorsey Lane of Muscatine, Iowa caught five bass weighing 10.47 pounds.
In fourth place, Randy Yuska of Blue Grass, IA caught bass weighing 9.85 pounds. Bob Peck of Montpelier, Iowa rounded out the top five competitors with five bass weighing 9.32 pounds.

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News - AFT

Greg Del Russo Takes the Win on Hopatcong

Athens, Al - Greg Del Russo of Hopatcong, NJ won the American Fishing Tour New Jersey division 10 tournament with five bass weighing 11.87 pounds held on Hopatcong on 07/20/2014.
For the victory Del Russo took home a check for $382 plus $65 for Big Fish. Greg is presently has a strong lead on the Division 10 AOY competition.
In second among the competitors, Mike Messina of Clifton, NJ caught 8.85 pounds of fish while flippin docks pocketed a check for $190.

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News - CPL

Misty Lewis and Rusty Satterfield Flip Their Way to the Win

Couples arrived early for the last Division 9 tournament of the year. Conversations about fishing woke up everyone to the excitement ahead. Eight teams blasted off from Poplar Springs Ramp. 
The fish were drawn to the jigs being flipped by Misty Lewis and Rusty Satterfield. As a result, the team earned a solid first place finish and were awarded $360. Congraulations!
Extremely close second place went to Heather and Jason Ashley with 8.90 pounds. They earned $240. Heather also won Lady's Big Fish with a nice 3.57 pound bass increasing her winnings by $40.  

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News - WBS

When It's Your Day It's Your Day!

Athens, Al - Richard Newton of Stafford, VA weighed in 5 fish tipping the scales at 16.67 pounds to win the Weekend Bass Series Maryland event 2014-07-19 on Potomac.

"I guess when it's your day it's just your day.  After a month of having these fish located all the conditions were just right to finally do well in the area I was fishing.  The tide and cloud cover made for perfect conditions to catch numerous big fish in the area I was fishing.  All my fish came on topwater frog baits.  Unfortunately, I am having issues with one of my livewells and by 9 AM I noticed my fish were is serious distress.  I decided to call it a day and called the tournament director to arrange for an early weigh in.  By the time I got back to the launch area my three smaller fish had died and one of my big fish was in trouble.  After only fishing for three hours I was extremely fortunate that my weight held up for the win."

The Stafford Virginia antique dealer weighed in five fish that weighed 18.17 pounds before penalties, including two fish over six pounds.


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News - WBS

West Donley Switches Tactics to Capture Co Angler Potomac Win

Athens, Al - West Donley of Woodbridge, VA weighed in 3 fish weighing 9.47 pounds to win the Co-Angler division of the Weekend Bass Series Maryland event on 2014-07-19 on Potomac.

"I try to fish the Potomac at least once a week but did not practice specifically for this event.  I figured to adapt to whatever my paired partner was doing and that turned out to be key to catching these fish.  At our first fishing location we weere missing fish on frogs. But, there was ample water above the grass so I decided to switch to topwater baits with treble hooks.  My fish all came on Rico topwater baits."

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News - WBS

Armand takes the Win on Red River 2 Day

Athens, Al - Matthew Armand of Hessmer, LA weighed in 7 fish that weighed 19.33 pounds to win the Weekend Bass Series Louisiana South event 2014-07-19 on Red River.

"I caught all my fish in pool 3 in Colfax area. The 2 big bass I caught, one was on a Black Buzz Bait and a Square Bill Crank Bait in a shad color. The rest of my fish came on a Okeechobee craw sweet beaver. "

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News - WBS

Kelehan Wins the Co-Angler title on Red River 2 Day

Athens, Al - Travis Kelehan of Broussard, LA weighed in 5 fish weighing in at 9.41 pounds to win the Co-Angler division of the Weekend Bass Series Louisiana South event on 2014-07-19 on Red River.

"I caught all my fish in pool 3 on the rocks with a Series 5XD Strike King Crank Bait in a shad pattern. I caught a few on a Missle soft plastics. "

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News - WBS

Matlock Takes Victory on Truman

Athens, Al - Tyler Matlock of Omaha, AR weighed in 5 fish that weighed 17.37 pounds to win the Weekend Bass Series Missouri event 2014-07-19 on Truman.

Tyler won his winning catch and big bass with a green pumpkin thick worm.  Kevin Smith of Lincoln, MO, placed second with a weight of 13.14.  He used a buzzbait and worm. Third place went to Larry "Doc"┬Ł Seger of Kimberling City, MO with a weight of 12.99 pounds.  Larry used a Chomper Boss Hog with Chomper garlic with a chartreus tail fishing brush piles.


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News - AFT

Keena Prevailed At Sakakawea

Todd Keena of Baldwin, ND won the American Fishing Tour North Dakota division 127 tournament with three smallmouth weighing 4.06 pounds held on Lake Sakakawea on 07/12/2014.

Todd Keena of Baldwin, ND recorded his first American Bass Anglers win this past Saturday on Lake Sakakawea, one of the top 100 bass lakes in the United States. Todd ran up to Indian Hills from the Ft. Stevenson State Park and bagged his fish and secured a $259 pay for his effort, plus the championship plaque. Todd commented, "I caught bigger ones in practice but couldn't find them back."  Todd ran to the back of the Indian Hills bay and threw a top water plug in the grass to catch his fish.
Finishing second and collecting $84 was Cody Arth of Bismarck, ND, who is leading the points standing for angler of the year. Cody was dragging a tube jig in green pumpkin with orange flake off the rocks to catch his 3 fish for 4.06 pounds. 
Richard Roland of Crosby ND was third with 3.38 pounds with newcomer Donny Coffaman from Arkansas landed fourth with 2.27, and finishing in fifth was Shawn Keena of Bismarck with 2.17 pounds. 

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News - AFT

Brad Entsminger Wins on the Mississippi River

Brad Entsminger of Davenport, IA won the American Fishing Tour Iowa East division 73 tournament with five bass weighing 12.67 pounds held on MS Pool 9 on 07/12/2014.

For the victory, Enstminger took home a check for $281. Brad caught his fish on Crankbaits and flipping plastics in current.
In second among the anglers, Mike Blaesi caught five bass weighing 11.95 pounds. Mike caught his fish on Marv Miller jigs and plastics and pocketed a check for $115.00
Taking third place was Tony Stoffers who caught five bass weighing 11.57 pounds.
In fourth place, Bob Mindock caught five bass weighing 11.56 pounds.
Bob Peck rounded out the top five competitors with 5bass weighing 11.36 pounds.

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News - AFT

Keith Knutson Takes Potomac Win!


Keith Knutson won the American Fishing Tour Maryland division 11 tournament with 5 bass weighing 12.10 pounds held on Potomac River on 07/12/2014.


From Maryland, Division 11 Keith Knutson, from Stafford, VA. is one step closer to ABA National Championship taking first place in the Americam Fishing Tour tournament held July 12, 2014 on the Potomac River. Targeting docks and flats Keith, throwing his trusty Chatter-bait, brought in a five bass limit weighing 12.10 pounds


Top 5 Anglers

Pl Name Fish Total Points
1 Keith E. Knutson 5 12.10 200
2 John M. Till 5 11.41 199
3 Tom Thompson 5 11.03 198
4 Pat J. Loewy 5 9.99 197
5 Peter M. Baumgartner 5 9.93 196


Big Bass winner: Sean Snares 4.44 pounds

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News - WBS

Steven Schubert and Blake Otterson Take the Win on Mosquito

Steven Schubert of Rayland, Ohio weighed in 5 fish that went 10.74 pounds to win the Weekend Bass Series Ohio event 2014-07-12 on Mosquito.

I've fished Mosquito Lake about eight times to date, and got one day this week to scout for this event.  I was able to put together a dependable pattern and located fish in two key areas that I worked repeatedly throughout the day today.  All of my fish came on buzzbaits and frogs.  It was a very productive day in which we caught about 40 keeper fish between myself and my co-angler.

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News - WBS

Powers and Gunter Take Victories on Kentucky Lake

Craig Powers of Harriman, TN weighed in 5 fish that weighed 22.98 pounds to win the Weekend Bass Series Kentucky event 2014-07-12 on Paris Landing .

Craig stated he caught his winning sack with a swimbait.  Todd Ruth, of Waverly, TN came in second. Todd stated that he used a spook to catch 22.76 pounds.  Todd walked away with $957 for his efforts.  Third place went to Brent Anderson, of Kingston Springs, KY.  Brent earned $635 by using a stripe king spinner bait to catch a 22.14 pound sack.

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News - WBS

Kendrick and Mason wins Divisional Two-Day at Lake O' the Pines

Jay Kendrick of Nacogdoches, TX weighed in 10 fish weighing in at 34.36 pounds to win the Weekend Bass Series East Texas event 2014-07-12 on Lake of the Pines.

"I was able to catch most of my fish on a prototype spoon that a buddy and I are working on. It weighs about 3 ounces and the big fish just really hammer it!" Some of my other fish came on a variety of baits like a drop shot and all of them came from a ridge in deep water. I never caught a fish in less than 10 feet deep."

Rounding out the top 10 boaters were:

1 Jay Kendrick 10 34.36 500 $2976
2 Brad Whatley 9 29.65 498 $1485
3 Scott Bailey 6 25.70 496 $1127
4 Keith M. Jones 10 25.66 494 $ 688
5 Scott A. Dean 8 24.46 492 $ 729
6 Eric Leuschner 8 22.92 490 $ 540
7 Gilbert A. Herald 7 18.98 488 $ 292
8 Shawn Temple 9 18.07 486 $ 292
9 David E. Gillham 9 16.63 484 $ 292
10 Brandon McDonald 9 16.03 482 $ 0

The Boater Big Bass was caught by: Scott Bailey 8.78 pounds

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2014 Triton Owner's Tournament Final Results
Military Team Bass Tournament Final Results (PDF)

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