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News - CPL

Ray & Bratcher Dominate Couples Championship

The team of Chandler Ray and Kayla Bratcher won the 2014 ABA Couples National Championship at Lake Eufaula On September 18th & 19th, 2014 and took home a check for $4000.  Ray and Bratcher led Day One with 17.63 pounds and brought in 14.95 pounds on Day Two bringing their winning weight to 32.58 pounds.  The team focused on submerged timber in 20+ feet of water in the mid-lake area of Eufaula.  "We used a green pumpkin Big Bite B2 worm and a Big Bite Fighting Frog for our fish on Day One.  On Day Two, we used a 1.5 ounce jig with a Big Bite Fighting Frog and a 10” Big Bite Kreit Tail worm," said Ray.

Second place went to the team of Mitch and Elizabeth Milner with a two day total of 31.52 pounds.  "We were fishing grass and lily pads," said Mitch Milner.  The Milner's used a Booza jig and a Snag Proof hollow body frog on Day One.  On Day Two, they used a Rebel Pop-R and a Snag Proof frog.

Dale and Victoria Goff finished in the third place spot with a two day total of 28.26 pounds.  The couple focused on points both days using Zoom Brush Hogs and Baby Brush Hogs in green pumpkin and a watermelon candy colors. "We fished one point for seven and a half hours on Day One.  On day two, we fished a few different points and ended up on the same point as Day One," said Dale Goff.

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News - CPL

Ray & Bratcher Lead Day One of Couples Championship

Chandler Ray & Kayla Bratcher are leading Day One of the ABA Couples National Championship at Lake Eufaula.  The pair brought in five fish weighing 17.63 pounds to secure the lead for the day. "We caught our fish using a green pumpkin Big Bite B2 worm and a black Big Bite Top Toad," said Ray.

Mitch and Elizabeth Milner are holding the second place spot with four fish weighing 17.28 pounds.  "I caught my big fish on a jig," said Mitch Milner.

Rounding out the top three is the team of Dale and Victoria Goff. The Goff's brought in five fish weighing 15.59 pounds.

Men's Big Bass is being led by the team of Terry and Sue Wien with a 6.19 pound largemouth.  Terry stated that he caught his lunker using a hollow body frog around lily pads.

The team of Kay and Samuel Dyal is leading Ladies' Big Bass with a 6.01 pound Eufaula bass.  Kay caught her leading Big Bass using a Storm crankbait.

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News - AFT

Keith Knutson Takes The Win and AOY Title on The Potomac


Athens, Al - Keith Knutson won the American Fishing Tour Maryland division 11 tournament with 10 bass weighing a total of 27.49 pounds held on Potomac River on 09/13/2014.

"What I thought was interesting out there on the water this tourney was that Mike Rosselle and I were sharing the same water and were able see how each other was doing. I even shared some homemade chocolate chip cookies with Mike. At one point during the day on Sunday he was beating me with two fish in the livewell and I had not gotten a bite yet. It is really interesting how it plays on your mind when you know exactly what your nearest competitor is doing. A little later in the day i managed to catch three fairly quickly so the tides turned and I knew I was back in the lead and the pressure was back on Mike."

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News - AFT

Keena Takes the Championship On Sakakawea


Athens, Al - Shawn Keena of Bismarck, North Dakota won the American Fishing Tour North Dakota division 127 tournament with five fish weighing 9.09 held on Lake Sakakawea on 09/13/2014.

North Dakota District 127 American Bass Anglers Championship was held on September 13 and 14 on Lake Sakakawea. This lake spans from Montana to Just about South Dakota and has been recognized as a top small mouth fishery in the nation. Weather was a factor on the first day with a cold front and high winds that limited the bite.

After the first day only ounces separated the field but Shawn Keena of Bismarck found them on the second day and pulled away for the championship. Shawn, using a drop shot rig with a pro senko, bagged a three fish limit of 6.57 pounds on the second day to take the championship. His winning pattern was fishing a rock point shallow after the winds pounded this area the day before. Shawn took home $264 and the championship plaque.


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Nes - WBS


Gary Medley Wins Co-Angler Title at Sam Rayburn Two Day

Athens, Al - Gary Medley of Vidor, TX weighed in 6 fish weighing in at 17.11 pounds to win the Co-Angler division of the Weekend Bass Series Southeast Texas event on 2014-09-13 on Sam Rayburn.

"My big fish came on a clear and white Zara Spook, but the rest came on a variety of baits which included worms and poppers. I also caught some of my Day Two fish on a Senko," said Medley.

Rounding out the top 10 Co-Anglers were:

PL Name Fish Total Points Payback
1 Gary H. Medley 6 17.11 500 $1141
2 Kyle P. Guest 5 15.90 498 $ 544
3 Rick E. Simmons 4 14.94 496 $ 405
4 Jeremy Duke 5 13.32 494 $ 250


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News - WBS


Albert Collins Takes the Win at Sam Rayburn Two Day and AOY

Athens, Al - Albert Collins of Nacogdoches, TX weighed in 10 fish that weighed 39.82 pounds to win the Weekend Bass Series Southeast Texas event 2014-09-13 on Sam Rayburn.

" I caught the majority of my fish on a Texas rigged big worm in different colors as the light conditions changed. Most came on a Blue Fleck Tomahawk worm, but as the sun got brighter I switched to a  red bug E2 big tail worm and a Mister Twister Hang Ten in a plum color," said Collins. This win sealed the deal for Collins to take the Anglr of the Year title for the 2014 season of the Southeast Texas division.

Rounding out the top 10 boaters were:

PL Name Fish Total Points Payback
1 Albert Collins 10 39.82 500 $2377
2 Todd Driscoll 8 21.96 498 $1230
3 Jerrel Pringle 9 19.61 496 $ 754
4 Ronald A. Bickham 10 18.83 494 $ 525


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News - WBS

Youngblood is Victorious on Lake of the Ozarks

Athens, Al - Mike Youngblood weighed in 6 fish that weighed 16.43 pounds to win the Co-Angler division of the Weekend Bass Series Missouri event on 2014-09-13 on Ozark.

"I caught my fish on a brown Jakked Jig," said Youngblood.  

Thomas Lloyd of Springfield, MO placed second.  He brought in 6 fish that weighed 14.11 pounds.  Thomas caught his fish using a Black and Blue Jakked Jig and a beaver.

Placing third was Jeremy Johnson of Kansas City, KS.  Jeremy caught 4 fish that weighed 14.10 pounds.  Jeremy caught his fish using Berkley Pit Boss green pumpkin jig. Jeremy also won the Co-Angler of the Year title for the Missouri Division.

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News - WBS

Ryan Takes Victory in Missouri Two-Day

Athens, Al - David Ryan of Levasy, MO weighed in 10 fish that weighed 29.48 pounds to win the Weekend Bass Series Missouri event 2014-09-13 on Ozark.

"On Day One, I used a Blue Sapphire Chomper Rattling Flipping Jig. On Day Two, I used a black and Blue Chomper Beaver," said Ryan. Ryan also won Angler of the Year for the second year in a row in the Missouri division.

Placing second was Anthony Ferranto of Bloomsdale, MO.  He caught a total of 10 fish for both days that weighed 27.65 pounds. Anthony didn’t have much to say other than he caught his fish using Black and Blue Jakked Jig, a 10" green pumpkin worm, and a top water Spook.

Jason Rhyne of Foristell, MO finished third in the two-day event. Jason caught a total of 10 fish that weighed 23.00 pounds. Jason stated that he caught his fish using a Bagly square bill.


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News - AFT

Hardies/Sarff Claim Minnesota 44 AOY and District Titles

ABA Minnesota 44's season came to a close over the weekend of September 6-7, and as expected, the battle for Angler of the Year and District final titles were nailbiters.
Anglers preparing for the District finals prefished Bald Eagle and Big Marine for weeks, scouring the big lakes for consistent winning patterns with very limited success. No one claimed to have devised a sure-fire strategy for either water, and contestants launched on Saturday ready to throw the whole tackle box at the lake and see what stuck.
On Bald Eagle, shallow water fan Craig Stowell narrowed his focus to the dock bite, and it worked out well for him, producing a healthy bag of 13.16 pounds, far outdistancing the rest of the field for the Day One lead. Scott Sarff worked his jig magic on the lake's many weedlines and put together a catch of 10.99 pounds to stake his claim on second. Conrad Guttenfelder combed the weedlines and points to deliver 8.36 pounds to the scales, but clearly felt that a turned-on Bald Eagle could have produced much more.

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News - AFT

Scott Tassi Wins Big On Stockton

American Bass Anglers Division 126 kicked off the 2015 season Saturday, September 13, 2014 at Stockton Lake. Current, new and returning members, including two young members (14-15 years old) gathered at Hartley Ramp early Saturday morning. Sky was overcast, but stars were beginning to shine through. The wind was out of the North and gusty at times; the sun came out in the afternoon as the temperatures rose from mid 40’s to about 60˚.
Scott Tassi of Arma, KS took the win with a 5-fish limit that weighed 14.19lb, anchored by Big Bass of the tournament a 6.01lb black bass. Scott took home $538 for the day’s efforts. Second place was Cherryvale, KS angler, Jim Clay who weighed in with 10.75lb and won over $200. Erie, KS angler, Eric Craft rounded out the top three with a weight of 9.28lb and went home with about $100. Each angler received a prize; prizes included product from Eagle One Marine Wax and gift certificates from Albers Marine, The Outboard Doctor and Antlers Ridge. Anglers choosing to stay over-night at Happy O’s Resort received an ABA discount. 

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News -

Ron Hamilton wins the weekly drawing "Show your ABA Decal"

Ron Hamilton of  Dade City, FL wins the weekly drawing for the "Show your ABA Decal" program. Ronwins his choice of an ABA T-Shirt or Cap and will be entered into the grand prize drawing of a fishing adventure at Ray Scott's Trophy Bass Retreat.
Weekly - ABA Cap or T-Shirt (Your Choice)
Monthly Winners - An Cap or T-Shirt (Your Choice), a Livingston Lure, G-Juice, and a Gift from Carlisle Tire 
Grand Prize Drawing: Win a trip to Ray Scott's Trophy Bass Retreat. Grand Prize drawing will be held December 19. 2014

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News - WBS

Nathan Holland Wins Co-Angler Title in Oklahoma Two Day on Grand Lake

Athens, Al - Nathan Holland Ada, OK weighed in six fish weighing in at 19.35 pounds to win the Co-Angler division of the Weekend Bass Series Oklahoma event on 2014-09-06 on Grand.

"I had two good partners both days that helped me catch my fish. We fished both sides of the bridge and I caught almost everything on a shaky head with a watermelon red Senko on it. We fished in all depth ranges out to about 25 feet of water on any type of structure we could find. Docks, rocks, wood, anywhere you could find structure," said Holland.

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News - WBS

Kevin Apple Wins Two Day Event and AOY on Grand Lake

Athens, Al - Kevin Apple, Broken Arrow OK weighed in 10 fish that weighed 26.49 pounds to win the Weekend Bass Series Oklahoma event 2014-09-06 on Grand.

"I caught all of my fish junk fishing both days. Anywhere from 6" to 20 feet deep on everything from spinnerbaits and crankbaits to jigs and plastics. The moving baits were a shad pattern and the plastics and jigs were green pumpkin," said Apple.

Kevin Apple took also AOY honors for the 2014 season of the Oklahoma divsion.  Apple accumulated a total of 1456 points throughout the year to secure the AOY title.


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News -

Toyota ShareLunker Season Begins October 1

ATHENS-The 29th season of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Toyota ShareLunker program will begin October 1.

Anyone legally catching a 13-pound or bigger largemouth bass from Texas waters, public or private, between October 1 and April 30 may submit the fish to the Toyota ShareLunker program. Fish will be picked up by TPWD personnel within 12 hours.

ShareLunker entries that genetic testing shows are pure Florida largemouth bass are used in a selective breeding program at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) in Athens. Offspring from ShareLunkers that spawn are stocked into each waterbody that produces and entry during the season. Some offspring may be used for research, while others may be retained by the hatchery system for use as future brooders.

The angler catching each fish decides what will happen to it following its use by TPWD. Most anglers choose to return the fish to the waterbody where it was caught. Some donate the fish to TPWD for display at TFFC.

Fish that are intergrades, or hybrids of Florida and northern largemouth bass, are not used for spawning and are returned to the waterbody where caught as soon as possible. Genetic testing of ShareLunker entries shows that pure Florida largemouth bass have as much as 18 times greater chance of producing a 13-pound offspring as intergrades do. Limited capacity at TPWD hatcheries requires using all available pond space for the offspring of pure Florida fish.


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News - AFT

Louie Bernardo Wins Again!


Athens, Al - Louie Bernardo of Taunton, MA won the American Fishing Tour division tournament with five fish weighing 13.33 pounds held on on.

Louie brought in one of the two limits that came to the scales. His sack weighed in at 13.33 pounds, anchored by a 3.81 pound largemouth kicker. Coming in second was Billy Barrett with a 9.75 pound sack. Jay Guidaboni followed in third place with his 9.41 pound catch. 

The day started out w/drizzles w/cool 57 degree air temps. When the sun came out, the cold front left & air temps climbed in the high 70s to the low 80s.
Louie caught most of his fishing in 6-15 feet of water, in the inside points, using the Yamamoto black spider jigs. His Rhapsody rod sponsor was the key to the sensitive pick up & w/solid hook sets, he put the in the box. He also said, he culled up all day.


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